Monday, April 26, 2010


I was looking up some music to put on at work today, and looked up a friend who goes by the name Kae Sun.  Kae is an amazing musician, friend and a man of great insight and integrity; he's moved to the big city, and we miss him a lot in Hamilton.  Please click over to his site and give him a listen!  He put a quote on his twitter that I thought I'd share today - I don't know if it's his quote, or if he got it elsewhere, nevertheless, thanks Kae for the inspiration!

"you say there's weakness in an empty pocket, and I'll tell you there's weakness in an empty heart"


I really thought we put up a picture from Easter, but ... I was wrong.  Late, but here it is....

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with the kids and didn't forget the real meaning of Easter, despite our ears and fuzzy friends!