Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm trying to take you through a bit of a picture recap of the last several months, but tonight I'll take a quick break to share some of our Fall/Halloween pictures.  Enjoy!

Time for some pumpkin carving fun!

Three pumpkins for our three pumpkins!

We were not all happy....

Time for some fun in the leaves!

"It's a little chilly out, but this is interesting!"

"Okay, now I'm done!!"

Time for Trick or Treating with Daddy, Grandpa, and Uncle Kyle!

All Done!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wings of Paradise

In May we celebrated Kristin's very first mother's day!  As I look back on these pictures, I'm amazed at how much our little babies have grown in 5 months!  Friends and family warned us that they would grow fast, but who knew it'd be this fast!?

For Mother's Day, the kids and I crafted a special home-made card with pictures and some finger painting.... it was supposed to be hand prints, but as soon as they got their hands in the paint...
the card was a hit nonetheless!

 Then it was off to the Butterfly Conservatory!  We drove up to Cambridge to Wings of Paradise to see some beautiful creatures!  I was hoping that we'd be able to get some pictures of butterflies landing on the kids, but, as it turns out, butterflies must not like babies.  Oh well.

 Teddy = not thrilled with butterflies.

 Emma looking a little sleepy - missing her afternoon nap!

Josh was very curious!
 Teddy = still not thrilled.  Turns out, butterflies aren't as exciting as football games.  Who knew?  But this is Mother's Day, Teddy, we sacrifice....

 The kids were pretty beat at the end of the day... and so were we!

 Looks like Mama's happy though, I think her day was a success!

 After a long day, Daddy gets his boys ready for bed!

Stay Tuned!  June was filled with first's too!  Swimming, high chairs, Father's Day and the Baby Dedication!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Six Month Hiatus

Monday Night Football has been delayed due to lightning in the area.  Delays, ugh.  And yet, here I am, writing a much delayed blog post.

I wish I had an awesome story - some incredible journey or cataclysmic battle (confession: we watched Iron Man 2 last night).  But the sad reality is that after a month or so passed, I just gave up on updating the blog.

I wasn't sure that I'd pick this back up - I figured that most people had stopped checking in, and that maybe it'd better just ... be.  But, to my surprise, there seems to be a few still looking in - a few hopefuls clicking away looking for cute pictures or fun anecdotes.

You've come to the right place!

So, here I am, back at the keyboard, with a rare glass of Shiraz, (yeah, weird eh?) waiting for MNF to start (wine and football?!  so odd...)

Now.  Where to start?  I haven't posted since Easter, so that leaves a lot to catch up on!  I suppose I'll spend the next little while trying to get you caught up!  Yesterday, 10.10.10, our kids arrived at 10 months!  Hard to believe that it's been 10 months already!

While we were pregnant, (Oh, MNF kickoff!  It's about time!  The delay was just over an hour, which means I'll be asleep by the end of the game.... nuts).  Where was I?  Oh yeah.... while we were pregnant, people advised us to drink it up, enjoy every moment because it goes fast.  I never would have dreamed that it would fly by like this!  So... coming soon, camping, cottaging, playing, giggling, wiggling and .... teething!

Check back in soon, I'll be updating!  Until then...

 Six Little Feet
(May 2010)
Three Cute Faces
(May 2010)