Monday, December 14, 2009

Picture Post!

Here are some pictures for our little babies! As a quick update - Teddy and Emma are doing very well - better than expected. They are increasing how much they eat, are stable without breathing machines and generally pretty peaceful. Joshua still needs a little help breathing - not much - but enough to keep him hooked up... and I don't think he likes it! He barely went over the threshold for jaundice, so he also needed some photo-therapy, which meant he couldn't be bundled up - he had to be exposed to the lights. Overall, he's doing pretty well for 32 weeks, and is making progress.

Kristin is doing well - still very sore - but is moving around. We expect her to come home tomorrow (Monday - wait, it IS Monday, I believe... so ... today).

Here's some pictures - more updates to come!

The first two are Emma...

This is Joshua, "bean". Kristin calls him her Pilot because of his headgear! So, Pilot Bean, I guess... Hopefully he won't need it much longer!

And here's our Teddybear...

...he sleeps like his Daddy...