Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm trying to take you through a bit of a picture recap of the last several months, but tonight I'll take a quick break to share some of our Fall/Halloween pictures.  Enjoy!

Time for some pumpkin carving fun!

Three pumpkins for our three pumpkins!

We were not all happy....

Time for some fun in the leaves!

"It's a little chilly out, but this is interesting!"

"Okay, now I'm done!!"

Time for Trick or Treating with Daddy, Grandpa, and Uncle Kyle!

All Done!


Sue said...

Paul, I'm so glad you got these pics up. When Kyle was talking about Trick or Treating, I couldn't wait to see the kids in their cute costumes. What a cold night it was, but looks like you all had fun! Did they get much loot? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't care Emma, you can cry.
I don't care Josh, you can look grumpy.
For me, I will stand up tall and be proud. (teddy bear)

I love my 3 pumpkins so so much
Grandma and Grandpa B.