Thursday, October 25, 2012

Food Trucks!

I love supporting charities, and it's even better when I can support a local charity by eating at Food Trucks!!

Food trucks have become quite a craze in southern Ontario this year, and Hamilton is home to some of the finest! Today I had the delicious opportunity to sample some food from an out-of-town truck, Hank Daddy's BBQ from Maple, Ontario.

While my coworkers ate from the ever popular, local favorite, Gorilla Cheese, I pondered the menu at Hank Daddy's. Pulled pork sandwiches, smoked chicken wings, pulled pork parfait (pulled pork with layered mashed potatoes), and my choice for lunch - Cowboy Fries!

Yep, sweet, saucy pulled pork and coleslaw, but what the picture doesn't show is the bed of sweet potato fries on the bottom! A delicious lunch, and the portion was perfect - filling, but not stuffing. The only downside was the price - compared to similar local trucks, it was a little more pricey and the taste didn't set it apart. Foodies could get a pulled pork sandwich that was just as good for a cheaper price, if there was competition on the block.

Either way, a delicious lunch, and a portion of the proceeds were donated to the Hamilton/Burlington United Way!