Thursday, November 1, 2012


The kids (and Mom and Dad) all had a great time last night! The boy's didn't particularly like the mustache's, so they didn't last long, but at least they lasted long enough for a few pictures!

This year: Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach - home-made costumes, beautifully sewn by Grandma and Papa Booth - thanks in-laws! Emma loved twirling in that dress...

Despite the rainy weather, the kids powered through a Burlington neighborhood and hauled home a great stash of treats!

Goodnight kiddos... Mom and Dad will be in the basement.... heh heh.


Cathie said...

Wow, the kids are so adorable in their little costumes! Love Emma's expression. Nice to see you back to blogging about the family and other stuff. I guess you'll have three little three year olds pretty soon. By the way, we're not too far from Camp 31. We live in Brantford, but we've never been. We'll have to give it a try! Blessings to all of you!

Sue said...

ADORABLE!!! Josh really looks like you, Paul, with that little moustache ;-) And Emma... what a perfect Peach! Teddy looks adorable with his 'stash too! Looks like they got a good haul. I'm sure they shared with you & Krissy ;-)