Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kids... and Food Trucks.

My fondness for food trucks is well known, and documented. I promised Kristin that I wouldn't turn our family blog into a food review forum, so in this post, I will mix two of my passions, family and food trucks ;)

Bear with me.

There's a new truck in the Hamilton area - Curbside Crepes.  The text on the menu is probably too small to read, but they offer some delicious bites with creative names.

Take, for example, the Victor Newman (I'm not a soap guy, but this is arguably the most recognized soap opera character... maybe?)

A perfect blend of ham and cheese (if you don't get the pun here, I can't help you...), with tomatoes, spinach, pesto, dijon cream and parsley. Yum! I decided to forego the V.N. and try the "Crepe Ole" -

 Shredded chicken, feta, tomatoes, black bean salsa with avocado, cilantro and lime zest. It was a light, delicious crepe that was filling, but not overloading. The pastry was thin, which was great, but also peels away easily, requiring a fork (which was not provided). No matter, I'm no stranger to finger food. Keep an eye out for this bright blue truck - they also have sweet crepes, like the Planet of the Ape - bananas, coconut, nutella, and whipped cream. Sounds good!

Okay, if you're still with me....

I was home one evening, down on the floor with the kids, driving cars, building castles and having tea parties (yes, this big tattooed bear still has tea parties with his little girl), when Josh starts up his garbage truck. Normally, the truck is filled with smaller cars, or little people, or ... whatever he can cram in there.

"Dad, look!" vroom vroom vroom, here he comes...

"Dad, look!" he opens the back of the truck, "Food truck, Dad!"
Looks like my obsession fondness for food trucks is being passed along!