Saturday, October 31, 2009

47 Days to Go!

Well, tonight marks the end of October, and that means that there are only 47 days to go! These babies are coming quick!

Today Kristin was moved to a window bed - a huge difference! Now she can enjoy the sunlight, a bit of a view and extra visiting space! It also means that her extension has changed - if you had her previous extension, please try to avoid using it, otherwise you'll disturb her new roomie! Please contact me if you'd like her new number (email, home phone or cell)!

Also, due to the concerns about H1N1, they are cracking down on visitors. This means that as of yesterday (October 30), no children under 16 will be allowed to visit. They are also enforcing the 2 visitor limit, which they used to be a little more lenient with. Please call ahead so that we can plan who is visiting, so that we don't have people waiting or have to ask people to leave early, etc.

We also ask that people assess their health prior to visiting - the hospital staff are being fairly vigilant about people with cold or flu-like symptoms; so if you are feeling flu-ish or have been around people who have been sick (co-workers, family, children, etc) please wait a few days before visiting so we know everyone is healthy! We're told that people can be contagious for a day or two before they're symptomatic, so please be extra cautious - for our sake, and for the sake of the other high-risk women, new mom's and new babies that are on the ward. Thanks!

To answer a few questions from the last post's comments:

1. Of course there will be more belly shots! See below!
2. Visitors - as noted above! Also, Kristin can have meals/snacks brought to her, and they can be stored in a fridge and microwaved. Please speak with us before bringing food to make sure we have somewhere to store it!
3. Gus is okay for now - I'm giving him as much attention as I can.... I'll get in touch if I need a play date or some help! Thanks!

Finally, since it's halloween we decided to take some pictures - I had intended to paint Kristin's belly into a giant jack-o-lantern, but the city of hamilton doesn't have enough paint, heh.


Sue said...

Thanks for the update Paul. Is that tape to keep the babies in for those 47 days?

Happy Halloween to you two! Next year you will sure have your hands full with little costumed knee-biters!

Send my love and hugs to Krissy. I'll try & get in to visit as soon as I can! (I'll call you first to check in first!)

Love to all xo

Pamela said...

I just got my H1N1 shot today at work. So I am good to visit! Wahoo!

See you Wednesday. I'll bring dinner!

Also I can't look after Gus, but I can look after Bentley if need be! I know cats don't require nearly as much attention, but just throwin that out there. Bring on the cats!

Cathy W. said...

Hi Paul & Kristin,

Great pictures!!! Good info update! We will see you Sunday LORD willing!!!

Trying hard to stay healthy!!!

Lots of Love,
Aunt Cathy

Keri said...

You are doing amazingly well! I pray you continue to rest and your babies continue to grow!

Keri (friend of Sue's and mom of quadruplets)