Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is absolutely shameful that it's been a week and a half since my last post! How embarrassing.

At any rate, this weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving, and I couldn't be happier! Kristin and I have so much to be thankful for, and this is just another opportunity to reflect on all the incredible blessings, most of all, our 3 little babies, who are just kicking with excitement this afternoon! (In anticipation of turkey, I would think...)

Our appointments went very well this week - all the heart rates and growth rates are good, Kristin is gaining weight and her heart is doing just fine. After several concerning appointments, it's nice to have shorter visits with good news!! This week well be at the hospital quite a bit - they're going to give Kristin some steroid shots to help the babies' lung development - just in case they come earlier than planned. We'll have to be at the hospital for those shots 4 times in 2 days (every 12 hours on Tuesday/Wednesday) and then back on Friday for ultrasounds and clinics. I have to get my ear checked on Friday as well, so Kristin's not the only one with appointments! They might have to put a new tube in my eardrum on Friday... ugh.

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving! October is my favorite month - not just because my birthday and Kristin's birthday are in this month (as well as Dave & Bryna, Brett, and several other family and friends), but the landscape just turns so beautiful. One of my favorite October activities is a chilly fall camp, which I opted out of this year to be home with Kristin - there was mixed feelings about that decision, I'll honestly admit... but Kristin needs me at home, and Grundy Lake will wait for me until next time...

These pictures are from last year - oh, how I miss my fall camp...

This time of year always reminds me of change - the leaves and temperature changes help me reflect on life's changes and God's goodness to us. This morning at church, we had an opportunity to write something we're thankful for on large pieces on paper around the church. It was quite an experience to see people jump at the opportunity to write on these pieces of paper; I decided to write the first thing that came to mind, I'm thankful that "God Answers Prayer". We had been trying to have children for two and a half years, and God heard our daily prayers, and has answered in such an amazing way! We couldn't be more thankful!

I don't know if it's just the realization that I'm going to be a Daddy in 10 weeks (or less), or I'm just a sappy guy, but I'm overcome by emotion this Thanksgiving. God has been so good to us, and has worked through many of you to bless us in so many ways, and we are so thankful to God, and to you.

We are thankful for the encouraging phone calls, letters, emails and prayers, for the help around the house - vacuuming, doing our dishes, putting up shutters, painting and putting up a border in the kitchen, mowing our lawn, and helping me move larger items around the house (I can always count on you, K - thanks for that...), bringing us frozen and fresh dinners (and pies! Yum!), movies, shows and books to keep Kristin from going crazy, and even walking Gus. There are many more ways that we have been blessed; we are so thankful!

Kristin and I pray that each of you are able to spend time with family and friends this weekend, taking time to reflect and be thankful.

We truly value and appreciate each one of you - and even though we might not be the best at letting you know - you mean the world to us, and this journey to parenthood would be much more difficult... so thank you.

We would be thankful if you signed up as a 'follower', if you haven't already! We know there are many of you who check here often, but haven't signed on - it would be a big encouragement to see a few more people sign on! Feel free to leave a comment with something you're thankful for!

Also, check back this week, as my wonderful wife makes her first attempt at blogging! "A Day in the Life of Kristin" is coming soon!


Sue said...

Happy Thanksgiving to the FIVE of you!! WOW... so crazy to still think of you guys going from 2 to 5 in such a fast few weeks!

I must be sappy too, Paul, because as I read your post this afternoon my heart is full (as are my eyes with tears) as I think of the blessing you & Krissy are to our family! It has been a privilege to walk alongside you guys in prayer and in other ways as you await your new family additions' safe arrivals. Hope you guys have a great remainder of the weekend and don't get too stuffed of turkey and pumpkin pie ;-)

I will be waiting anxiously for Krissy's first post.

Praying for both of you at your appointments this week!

Big Hugs & Lots of Love! xo

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I am thankful for your blog and for you guys allowing us to share in your journey - although some more tummy shots would be nice!!! I am thankful that you will be joining us in the adventure of raising multiples, even though we are only doing two!! God knows what we can handle!!

Lydia asks every day how those three little babies are doing, and then prays for them. She is a little prayer warrior.

Know that you are in our daily thoughts and prayers.

Love the Ferrier Family (all 7 of us!)

Gramma Cathie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Thrilled to hear that all is going well. We think of you often and keep you in our prayers as you journey along to becoming parents of triplets. We are thankful that our triplet grandchildren turned three on Oct. 5th, and we (all the adults) have survived!!! God has carried us through as He will do for you too. Just HANG ON TIGHT for the ride!

Love from.......Gramma Cathie

pjboughan05 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! I am thankful that you are giving us a privilaged front row seat during this most amazing time in your lives! Thank you for sharing your good news and not so wonderful helps us to pray effectively and rejoice with you, too! I so enjoy reading your blog, are a gifted writer! :)

Our daughter, Leah, just turned 10 months old a few days ago, and I can confidently say that being a parent is such a blessing! Babies have a way of capturing your heart in a way that you've never expereinced hang on! We pray for the 5 of you regularly and anticipate more posts from both of you!

Jen Boughan

p.s. I agree with Janine...more belly pics! :)