Friday, January 15, 2010

"So what's it like having 3 babies at home?"

Busy, but so worth it!

I finally have both hands free, (for the next 15 minutes at least), and I thought it was high time I updated the blog.  We all just cheered, Joshua ripped a good burp; that's how we roll now - waiting for good burps!  

Despite the rigorous feeding routine that we've inherited from the hospital, everyone is doing very well.  We have much appreciated the help that we've received - we wouldn't be able to manage otherwise! 

This week passed in a diaper filled blur - some days we struggled to figure out what day it actually was; and as for recalling what we did on Tuesday... well, we'd probably have to check the calendar.  We've had a fair number of doctor's appointments this week, and next.  We've been to the family doctor, a clinic at the hospital for some shots, an ultrasound clinic; next week we have at least 3 doctors appointments, all on different days.  It's very tiring trying to get to appointments with 3 babies in tow, keeping the feeding schedule on track and, of course, trying to stay awake!

But we are careful not to complain - all 3 are healthy and gaining weight wonderfully.  This week, at the doctor, Teddy weighed 6lbs 3oz, Emma weighed 6lbs 0oz, and Joshua 5lbs 13oz! 

It's been difficult going back to work - after spending nearly every minute with them for so long, it's hard to be away for 9-10 hours a day.  I think it's hard for Kristin as well; she always has help of course, but I think she misses me (or perhaps it's just wishful thinking...)

We continue to be kept afloat by your prayers - it's easy to get run down and overwhelmed - but God is good, and He has provided for all our needs, emotionally, physically and practically.  Thank you ... more pictures coming soon!


mamakimberlee said...

Trying again - Have been following you almost ever day for 7+ months now!

We pray for you every night, and our whole Sunday School class. YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!!

My advice - take all the help you can. Sleep all you can (like you don't know that by now) Hire all the help you can get. Know it will get better. Take video tape - you will forget...sleep ever minute you get. Did I mention sleep? Did I mention get (HIRE!!) help?

I wish I lived closer guys!!!

You can do it!

Kimberlee (And the Greenawalts - Madison, Cassie, Katherine, Elizabeth.)

Stephanie said...

Hey guys!

Wow! Those babies are growing fast! Isn't it cool how they change right before your very eyes? Know that you are in our prayers!

Let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

Nathan, Steph and Joelle

Sue said...

Yay... an update! But I even moreso enjoyed being a part of the burping crew today! Thanks for letting us come and help out with the feedings. I'm SOOOO in love with those three little miracles :-D

See you Wed night... hopefully I'll get a nap in first before I come for overnight duty!

Love you ALL XO