Monday, January 10, 2011

Emma & the Kleenex Box

Kristin and I are generally opposed to sharing video of our kids on the internet; we try to be careful about what information we post, how much we post, etc.  With the internet the way it is, privacy has become rare, so we aim to keep what we can.

That being said, we have lots of friends and family who live far from us, and it makes it difficult to share our lives with them.  So... we've decided to share a fun video we took this weekend.  I've uploaded it to YouTube, and I'll leave it up for a week or so, and then we'll take it down.  Enjoy!

It's labeled as an unlisted video, which means you have to access it directly from the link - it isn't "search-able" on the YouTube site.

Sorry the lighting isn't great - it was unexpected and turned out a little dark...

Emma & the Kleenex Box


Sue said...

Very cute! So who needs to buy toys, huh? I love the laugh each time as if it were a surprise - hee hee.

Loved it! Glad I didn't miss it ;-)

Love you guys xoxo

Cathie said...

What a great video! Thanks for letting Emma have such a great time doing that. I'm afraid that when my kids were that age, if that would have happened I would have probably taken the box away to save the kleenex, but then the whole fun experience would have been missed! Nice to see that you are back to updating the blog. I used to check it but there was never anthing on it, and I realized that life was just too busy. Understandable!!! Love seeing all the pictures you've posted of your precious children. Thank of you often.