Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Reflections

Happy New Year everyone! 

It's hard to believe that an entire year has passed.  One year ago today, reality sunk in.  One year ago today, Kristin and I cried tears of joy and thanksgiving in our driveway.  One year ago today, we brought our little miracles home.

It's even harder to believe that Teddy is standing next to me, reaching to press the keys like his Daddy.  They're growing up so fast.

One year ago today, we snuggled them into their car seats - barely weighing 5lbs.  Today, they crawl all over us, they make faces, walk (holding on to things), explore, laugh at each other, say "mama" and "dada", and have their own very distinct personalities.

I'm overwhelmed when I remember that day - feeling so blessed to have 3 healthy babies to bring home.  Feeling so blessed, and so terrified at the responsibility that lay ahead.  

We're very much looking forward to the year ahead - we look forward to many more laughs, smiles, words, hugs, stories and games.  We look forward to new parenting challenges, adventures and trips.  We continue to remember God's goodness to us, and we are forever grateful.  We hope you feel the same way, this January 1, 2011.  Happy New Year!  Here are some recent pictures of our little guys...

Teddy in the tub!

Our Family picture... going to cut down our Christmas tree

Teddy, Emma and Joshua in their pajamas

Teddy in his new Christmas pajamas

Emma in her new pajamas

and Joshua in his.

Emma riding the dinosaur

Joshua smiling for Daddy... what a cute kid!


Sue said...

Happy New Year Stimers' Family from The Hawkes' Nest! Wow... that year sure did go fast didn't it? Thank you for allowing us to be a part of such a special and exciting year.

Love the pics of the kiddos in their PJs! So sweet and SOOOOOOO cute!

Love to you all
Uncle Doug & Me :-)