Sunday, August 23, 2009

17 Weeks Today! Please read: prayer requests inside!

Mmmm, Muskoka maple.

I'd like to take a moment to thank my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, R&A, for making this blog possible. It's a quiet Sunday night, and I'm sipping a beautifully aromatic cup of coffee. If you're ever in Huntsville, Ontario - go to the Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. and get some Muskoka Maple. Deeeeelicious.

I almost feel bad that I didn't pay for it. Almost.

But seriously, thanks guys - this is one tasty brew.

I'll take a break from our battle with the bees tonight, because there's more pressing news! Kristin is 17 weeks today! We praise God every day for these little bundles that push Kristin's belly out.

This is the most beautiful pregnant woman I've seen - that's for sure! If you haven't already - this would the time to take a few minutes to sign up to be a "follower" of this blog, and post your first comment, letting Kristin know how beautiful she is!

If you've already signed up - thanks! You can leave comments too - it'll be fun!

Ooooh, she's getting a little bigger! If you'd like to compare with the 12 week picture - click here! I know I notice a difference! (I get considerably less bed-space these days).

Don't bother writing comments telling me I'm only going to get less space... I'm well aware.

Just one more thought tonight. Kristin and I pray for our babies each day, and we thank those of you who join us in doing so. We pray for their health and growth, among other things, but we also pray for the salvation of our little ones. Nothing is more important to us; we pray that our children will know Jesus from an early age and will see His involvement in their lives at each turn.

Kristin and I have also learned that it's important to pray for each appointment we have with our doctors. Our appointment with the cardiologist was a shock, and we learned to expect the unexpected. On Tuesday morning we'll see the good doctors at Mac for a fetal echo cardiogram. This means they will be checking our babies' heart's for any defects or abnormalities. In past ultrasounds they have seen all three hearts working just fine, and have assessed normal beats per minute, so we're feeling good about this appointment, but ask for prayer nonetheless.

I will post an update at some point on Tuesday to let you all know the outcome; until then, we appreciate your prayers!

Don't forget to leave a comment for my beautiful-baby-carrying-wife!


Sue said...

Uncle Doug & I will be praying for your appt on Tuesday!

And Krissy... you DO look beautiful Sweetie... and I have to admit... I'm a tiny bit jealous of your belly ;-) (not in a bad way mind you... It's all good... according to God's plans!)

Love you both xoxo

Gramma Cathie said...

Kristin, I just love your growing tummy! You are looking wonderful and definitely have that pregnant mother GLOW!
Paul,I just love reading your stories! You are hilarious and I agree with others, that you'd make a great writer! I remember when you and Dave were growing up, wondering if you might ever become a Pastor as you were always a communicator, but I think your messages might go on until 2 in the afternoon! Storytelling or writing is a good fit for you, as well as father and husband of course..Blessings to both of you..Cathie

Jodie said... look wonderful. Joy becomes you...that must be why you look so happy. Your husband seems to have all of his priorities in place to be as wonderful a dad as he obviously is as a husband. So great to see you so happy.
Thanks for sharing the journey this way with family and's very neat to follow along!

Anonymous said...

Okay I will agree that Kristin is a beautiful pregnant mommy with the glow, but I will not agree that she is the MOST beautiful one ever - not sure you guys saw me prego!!! LOL. Love the belly and will definately be praying for all 5 of you!


marlene said...

I think this blog page is super. This way we can follow what going on without all the phone calls. (No, I don't make many calls, well....)
Anyways Kristin you absolutely do look beautiful and your personality shines inside and out. I'm praying for you,Paul and the 30 tiny toes inside you all the time. I know for certain you are in the best of hands. Gods hands. Your loved sooo much. Momxoxox

Rachel said...

Paul, glad to hear you like the coffee... we do what we can to please those we care for! Besides, it is important for your mental health to take advantage of the peace and quiet you have right now! ;) Great blog, by the way - you're quite a talented writer!

Muffy, you are so adorable with your big baby belly! You're definitely doing a great job baking those little bundles of joy!

Babies... be good and grow strong for Auntie Rachel!

love you both!

Dave Stimers said...

Looking good Kristin! 17 weeks!! We are praying for Tuesday's appointment and for strong heartbeats. And Paul...all this talk about coffee makes me think that you should bring me one when you come to west Hamilton for an appointment.

steffyjay said...

Hey guys!!

I'll be praying about your appt tomorrow - thanks for keeping us all up to date :)

I agree - Krissy - you look so beautiful!! you've always been beautiful - but babies in the tummy add something special ;) And the babies have grown since I saw you at Sue and Doug's!!! How are you feeling hon??

Hope to see you guys again soon!!
Love you!!

Pammy said...

Look at all these comments! See how good your blog is? So many people love you both so much. Including ME! Kritto you were born to be mom. Always knew that growing up. And look at you with 3. I still can't believe it sometimes (until I see your picture. BAAA!)

Back story: While talking to Kristin on the phone one day she said, " Pam go to your computer and google ' pregnant with triplets' in the images search and just look at how big I will get! We both kind of screamed.

Can't wait to see all 5 of you soon.

Lots of love,

Carolyn said...

Awesome blog! It's exciting to share your adventure! do look amazing! Isn't the body an amazing thing???? Like the little statues and Tshirts say..."God doesn't make junk". Praying for your health...and the babies...and for Paul, too. The hunter will need all the strength he can find to fight the battles for his beloved(s). Trust that all will go well tomorrow! Love you! Carolyn

Paul said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone!!! We truly appreciate all the well-wishes, prayers and encouragements!