Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fetal Echo Cardiograms....

...take a really long time, but we're grateful for the doctor (cardiologist) who patiently surveyed our babies' hearts.

Everything looks good! Kristin and I praise God for the answer to prayer! We want to say thank-you, again, for all your prayers and support - keep praying/supporting!

The fetal echo took a few hours to complete; they use an ultrasound machine to focus in on the little hearts, and they examine all the "structures" and monitor blood flow patterns. So far, the doctor says everything looks fine, and we have nothing to be concerned about. So that was a relief!

It was also really cool to see each of our babies again today. They had their little pictures taken about 150 times in total (about 50 each). They were very active in there - gave the cardiologist a a hard time as he fiddled with the machine to get accurate readings/pictures. Way to go babies!

They were just excited to be on camera, that's all. *wink

Thanks again for your prayers! Our next appointment is in a week and a half, and they'll do another really long ultrasound - they will be looking at each bone/organ in each baby, checking their anatomy. Talk about a marathon ultrasound. They usually take about an hour for a singleton pregnancy.

I guess I'm going to need a bigger cup of coffee.

Please pray for the technician that will be doing the ultrasound - some tech's get nauseous watching the ultrasound that long - it will test their endurance! Also pray for Kristin's energy level, patience and endurance, after all, she has to put up with the poking and pressure of the ultrasound-picture-taker (I have no idea what that hand-held device is called - I'll ask next time...). Of course, keep praying for our three babies, too!


Cathy W. said...

Hi Kristin and Paul, Love being able to share your adventure of Babies, bees, Beautiful Momma, Brave Daddy ! Kristin - you are beautiful - inside and out! Paul - your babies are blessed to have you as their Daddy! I have been praying for them to come to know Jesus early as there is NOTHING more important! Kristin - your health, strength and healing are at the top as well! You are really having to go through a lot with all the monitoring and appointments!!! Love to you both/ALL !!!!!

Sue said...

We're SO glad the appointment went well. We were praying for you guys all throughout the day. Will do the same for the next one!

Big hugs to you, Krissy & the babies ;-)

Rachel said...

Glad to hear that your appt went well. Adam and I continue to pray for you all. Bounce away, babies, bounce away!