Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We all knew she had a big heart!

One of the many reasons that I married Kristin is that she has such a big heart. Kristin just has such a beautiful warm heart that draws people in. She's always been so caring, helpful and kind - that heart is going to make her a wonderful Mom to 3 little hearts!

Her heart is just too big though, literally. It's actually her aortic tube, which is part of the heart; Kristin has always had a bicuspid valve - which is common (1-2% of the population), and associated with what's known as a heart murmur. When we first met with the specialists at Mac, they suggested Kristin see the cardiologist - just as a precaution - to make sure we have all the information possible. It was in this screening that they discovered an enlarged aortic tube.

What this means is Kristin's tube is much bigger than most people. The danger is dissection/rupture, which could - in a worst-case scenario - be fatal. The doctor's would normally prescribe a surgical procedure to remove the enlarged tube, and replace it, however this isn't possible during the pregnancy.

Kristin is taking some medication to take some stress off the heart, and getting lots of rest. They'll be monitoring her heart closely as the babies get bigger and bigger.

We praise God that this was discovered - we realize that had we only been expecting 1 baby, this condition may not have been discovered, and there could have been serious situations during delivery - including a dissection/aneurysm. We also praise God that Kristin's employer has been so understanding and gracious. Kristin will be working reduced hours until the end of September, at which point she will be off work entirely. This is truly a blessing, and we're grateful that they have made sacrifices so that Kristin can relax and be as stress-free as possible.

We are so grateful for all of you who have been praying for us this week and throughout this pregnancy. We are thankful for so many people who are willing to continually bring our needs before the Living God, and we're confident that He will walk with us through the good times and the hard times. We take great comfort knowing that there is a God, a God with whom we can have a personal relationship with - a God who knows us, and who we can know.

We are praying for healing, safety and health for Kristin and the babies. We also pray that we will use every opportunity to bring glory to God during these times, and that we will be able to share our faith and God's love with the doctor's, nurses and other people we encounter at the hospital.

Thank you again for your notes, emails, phone calls and prayers. We are extremely grateful. If you have questions, please leave them in the comment section and I will do my best to answer them!


Anonymous said...

Hey Paul & Kristin!

This blog is a great idea....thanks for letting us all share in your journey. We are all definately praying for you guys...especially Lydia!!! Keep those tummy shots coming, and the ultrasound pics!

God bless!

Sue said...

This post made me tear up Paul. As an Auntie, I could never have wished or dreamed a more loving and wonderful hubby for Krissy than you! You are such a blessing to her and to our whole family!!

I've got a small army of prayer warriors praying all over the world and with your permission, may I lead them over here to your blog so they can keep up with Krissy & the babies' progress too?

Love you guys xoxo

Paul said...

Of course, Sue - the more the merrier ;)