Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Really Didn't Think It'd Bee a Problem - Part 1

"Honey, the door..." she says, her voice breaking my concentration as I type furiously on my keyboard. It isn't the first time I've missed someone knocking at the door.

"I'm coming! I'm coming" I holler as I race past Gus on my way down the stairs. It's the furnace tech, Ron. We've never met before, but he's come by to take a look at the furnace that will be replaced by our insurance company, after we had some sewer backup a few weeks ago. Ron's a genuine guy, a little shorter than me, rounder, with a smile on his face. He knows what he's talking about. He's been doing this for years.

We chat about the furnace and how hot it's getting in our house, making my pregnant wife a little uncomfortable. He says he'll get us fixed up real quick - just as soon as the insurance company gives him the nod. He's like a baseball player on deck, waiting for his turn at the plate.

"This guy really likes furnaces," I think to myself, "really likes 'em - that's weird."

After several minutes of chatter about furnaces, options to upgrade, and so on, Ron says he'd like to check out the air conditioning unit. "Was it damaged as well?" he asks.

"I have no idea - I was told not to turn anything on - don't want to blow bacteria and spores all over the house."

We walk around the back of the house. It's a sunny day - hot today, probably pushing 30 degrees. It's mid afternoon and the sun beats down on us. We're soon glistening with sweat.

We squeeze past the rose of sharon - it's in full bloom. It's huge, and I find myself wondering if I'm supposed to call this a tree, or a bush, or...? Whatever it is, it's beautiful - big flowers blooming bright pink and purple. Trying to squeeze past this ... thing ... I'm annoyed. Branches hitting me in the face, I look to Ron, trying gauge his reaction as we flail our arms to block flowers and branches.

Finally we're through, relieved, but still sweating from the afternoon heat. I look up to the sun as Ron inspects our aging air conditioning unit. "It's only going to get hotter," I think to myself, "hope this gets fixed up soon..."

As Ron begins to tell me about my air conditioner, my eyes are drawn to a bee. Not one of the bumblers that I'm used to seeing around the rose of sharon, but a little yellow jacket. I turn my attention back to Ron, but I find myself drawn back to the bee. Now there's two, no... three. Hmpf.

Ron and I finish our conversation - he promises to call soon - he'll put the paperwork through first thing Monday morning, and we'll get this moving, he says. Great, the weekend. Nothing's going to happen quickly. We can only hope for a few cooler days.... not likely.

Ron leaves with a friendly handshake and a smile. I give a short wave as his truck rolls down the street, my attention returning to the bees I had seen by the air conditioner.

I make my way back through the tree, (er, bush...?) batting away branches. I crouch down, sweat beading my face. I can feel the hot sun on the back of my neck. Down on one knee, beside the air conditioner I see it. A small hole. I wait only a second before a bee emerges. It flies around, not sure exactly where to go. It quickly disappears into the backyard, my eyes following it as far as possible. When it's out of sight, I look back to the hole and see another bee climbing it's way in.

"This can't be good," I say to no one in particular, "I've gotta do something about this."

I decide that a trip to Home Depot will have the solution. I have to go there anyway, I'll think of a plan on my way there.

Tomorrow - Part 2 - Team Simons vs. Team Yellow Jackets


Pamela said...

A Few things...
1) this blog is a great idea.
2) I really really hope your furnace gets fixed soon. Really. Cause that is NO fun.
3) Paul, you are a good writer. I was reading this post as if it were a novel and I didn't want it to stop. I want to know what happened with the Home Deport trip and the bees!

Cherylene said...

You're a really great writer. You should collect all this drama in your life and write a book!