Saturday, August 15, 2009


Thanks for checking out our new family blog! Kristin and I want to be able to keep everyone up to date about the pregnancy, share information and pictures and keep people "in the loop". We decided that a blog would be easiest, seeing that many of our friends and family live long distances away. If you're a first-time blog reader, keep in mind that the most recent posts will be at the top of the page, scroll down to see older posts.

Please feel free to leave comments and sign up as a "follower", if you'd like!


There have been several things that have held up our blog. We had hoped to get this underway several weeks ago, but we were held up by basement sewer backup (more on that another time), camping and lots of doctors appointments. Nevertheless, here it is!

We hope to have some ultrasound pictures to share soon (3 sets!), but for now, here's a picture of Kristin at 12 weeks. Tomorrow I'll try to post ultrasound pictures, and Kristin's 16 week picture! (Wow, 16 weeks already!)

Kristin at 12 weeks - getting big already!

By now, many of you have heard about the news we received this week regarding Kristin's heart. We thank you for your prayers, notes and phone calls. We'll be sure to post more information about that soon!


Cathy W. said...

Hi Paul & Kristin,
Hope you are doing well! Enjoying your blog!!! Paul - you are a great writer - who knew about this hidden talent?!?!? Thanks for taking the time to share your journey. I will be following along and praying for you along the way. Lots of Love, Aunt Cathy

Colin and Su Boot said...

Hey there P & K,
Love the blog. Read a wee bit, but it's time for bed and this computer surfing can make the time fly. We hold you up in prayer and know that there are many who do. The Lord does work in mysterious ways and we mere mortals have a hard time handling things sometime. You both have a heavey burden, but also 3 amazing gifts, so I pray that He watches over you ALL... Su